Wednesday, May 5, 2021

2020 Parkside Negro Leagues Centennial Draft Class Baseball Cards


Maysin Winn - drafted by the St Louis Cardinals

2020 Parkside Negro Leagues Centennial Draft Class baseball cards
In a collaborative effort, Parkside, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, a set of 15 cards featuring African-American ballplayers selected in the 2020 MLB Draft. The players are shown in the uniform of their Negro League Affiliate

The set is limited to 1,500 totals sets, with 15 cards per box (complete set) and one on-card autograph
Parallels are randomly inserted into the sets: Silver (75 copies) Ruby (40 copies given to players, not part of general distribution) Blue (25 copies) Purple (1 copy)

Ed Howard - drafrted by the Chicago Cubs, base card and blue parallel

Additional players include:
Jordan Walker - St Louis Cardinals
Mac Wainwright - Cincinnati Reds
Carson Tucker - Cleveland Indians
Think Hence -  St Louis Cardinals
Al Soularie - Minnesota Twins
Sammy Infante - Washington Nationals
Jordan Nwogu - Chicago Cubs
Zavier Warren - Milwaukee Brewers
Werner Blakely - Los Angeles Angels
Zach Daniels - Houston Astros
Baron Radcliff - Philadelphia Phillies
LJ Jones IV - St Louis Cardinals
Isaiah Greene - New York Mets

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