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Mamie Peanut Johnson - page 32

Indianapolis Clowns..Were originally formed in 1929 as the Miami Clowns, then as the Ethiopian Clowns. The Clowns entertained with a mix of comedy on the field and excellent baseball skill. Their comic routines gave potential customers one more reason to come to the park during the depression years..
they regularly played the powerhouse clubs of the Negro Leagues, the Monarchs, Elite Giants, American Giants, compiling a respectable record. The Clowns entrance into the Negro American League in 1941 clearly demonstrated the ability of the club as a professional baseball team..
1953 the Clowns, in an effort to spark fan interest signed three women..Toni Stones, Connie Morgan and Mamie "Peanut" Johnson...

Mamie "Peanut" Johnson
1953-55 Indianapolis Clowns

Before joining the Clowns, Johnson and a girlfriend tried to join the All-american Girls Baseball League..."I went to join the team and they looked at us like we were crazy."

Fondest memory "The thrill of knowing I'm good enough to play with the fellas"

Satchel Paige taught 5'2" 120lbs Peanut to throw the curve, "The curveball gave me an edge"

1997 - Milwaukee County Stadium Negro Wall of Fame

Gene Collins - page 31

Gene Collins
1947-51 Kansas City Monarchs

"Pitched his first no-hitter against the Newark Eagles..Had 2 career no-hit games..."

Best season 1948 9-3 2.23 ERA
Minor Leagues 1951-54
Mexican Leagues 1955-61

Strong left-handed pitcher with excellent fastball, good curve and outstanding move to first...
Started as a pitcher, moved to outfield to increase playing time...

Rodolfo Fernandez - page 30

The best players black and white were sought to play in the winter leagues in Latin America...
The Latin players could measure themselves against the greatest from the United States. White players could earn extra money while enjoying a tropical climate. Blacks would be treated as equals and have the chance to test their skills against the white Major League stars..
When Negro League players played in the winter leagues they were treated like stars and with respect.

Rodolfo Fernandez - pitcher
Cuban Stars 1932-34, 1936
New York Cubans 1935, 1939, 1943
Santo Domingo, Cuidad Trujillo All-Stars 1937
Venezuelan League 1937-38
Mexican League 1940-42
Canadian League 1946...

Excellent sinker, good control on his fastball and curve. Excelled against Major League teams in exhibition, defeating the New York Giants 4-0, Brooklyn Dodgers 3-0 and Cincinnati Reds 2-1...

Coached the New York Cubans and managed and won a championship in 1952 with Aguila, Cibaenas, Dominican Republic..

Leroy Cromartie - page 29

Leroy Cromartie
1945 Indianapolis Clowns

Fondest memories of playing against Jackie Robinson and the Kansas City Monarchs and Roy Campanella and the Baltimore Elite Giants..

Sherwood Brewer - page 28

Sherwood Brewer

1949-50 Indianapolis Clowns
1948 New York Cubans

"Proudest moment was taking over as manager of the Monarchs from Buck O'Neil..."

All-Star Team 1949, 1950

1952 Ardmore, Sooner League
1953-54 Kansas City Monarchs
-after 1950 the Negro Leagues were considered a minor league operation...

His best years in organized ball came in 1955 and 1956 with San Angelo, playing 2nd base, hitting .288 and .268...

1946 Seattle Steelheads
1947-48 Harlem Globetrotters

2000 - Milwaukee County Stadium - Negro League Wall of Fame.

Lester Lockett - page 27

Lester Lockett
Birmingham Black Barons 1938, 1941-46
Baltimore Elite Giants 1947-49
Cincinnati Buckeyes 1940
Chicago American Giants 1942, 1950
Cincinnati-Indianapolis Clowns 1946

"Playing in the 1945 All-Star game, to be seen by 43,000 people and just to be selected to the All-Star team..."

Also played in Canada and South America
1951 Farnham, Provincial League, Canada
1952 Winnipeg, Mandak League
1953 Carman, Mandak League

3-time Negro League All-Star 1943, 45, 48...Batting in the heart of the order for Birmingham and Baltimore hit for averages of .328, .315, .408, .249, .300 1941-45 and .313 and .386 1947 and 1948...

Lockett could hit for power or steal a base and his versatility was utilized in the field, especially at 3rd base...

John Kennedy - page 26

John Kennedy
3rd base
1954-55 Birmingham Black Barons
1956 K.C. Monarchs
1957 Philadelphia Phillies (injuries forced him out after 5 games)

First African-American to play for the Phillies

Played part of an All-Star team against the Willie Mays All-Stars (from the Major Leagues). mays hit two 2-run home runs, while totaling 5 RBI's in the game. Kennedy hit 2 solo home runs and an RBI double for 3 RBI's in the game...The Mays' All-Stars won the game 5-3...

Wilmer Harris - page 25

Wilmer Harris
1945-50 Philadelphia Stars - pitcher

Pitched his first game in Yankee Stadium against Satchel Paige before a crowd of 35,000. Paige usually pitched 3 innings near the end of his career. Paige told Harris he would stay until a run was scored. paige stayed until the seventh inning, when the New York Black Yankees scored 3 runs. NY defeated Harris and the Stars 3-1...

"Playing against the Newark Eagles, struck out Monte Irvin, Larry Doby and Lenny Pearson in one game.."

1951 - Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada

Also played for the Jackie Robinson All-Stars, and for teams in Panama, Venezuela and Santo Domingo

Stanley Glenn - page 24

Stanley Glenn - catcher
1944-50 Philadelphia Stars

"Hit 5 home runs in a double header, but felt his catching duties were more important and had pride in getting his pitcher through the game..."

Played in Venezuela in 1949 with the New York Stars
Big catcher with a strong arm...
Hartford, Eastern League 1950-52
Quebec, Provincial League 1952-53
St. Thomas (Ind.), Ontario, Canada 1954-55