Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eugene Scruggs - page 40

Eugene Scruggs
Detroit Stars
Kansas City Monarchs
Birmingham Black Barons

Mayeville Red Sox
Grand Rapids Black Sox

"Just the honor of playing in the Negro Leagues...."

Pedro Serra - Bobby Mitchell - page 39

Pedro Serra - Cuba
1954-55 Indianapolis Clowns
1956 Detroit Stars
Signed by the Minnesota Twins, played 4 years in the minor leagues
Canadian Quebec League - 3 years
Washington Senators - spring training, 2 years in Senators minor league system
Mexican Leagues - 5 years
Dominican Republic

Bobby Mitchell
1954-57 Kansas City Monarchs

Right handed pitcher with an 85-90 MPH fastball.

Pancho Gray - Jim Robinson- page 38

Pancho Gray "The Legend"

"I hit more home runs than Hank Aaron and Willie Mays combined, but I played more years than them combined.
I remember hitting the ball just past 2nd base into the outfield where the grass was so high they couldn't find the ball, I would just keep running.."

"Outfielders today don't have the same ability we had to reach home, we had no cut off man.."

Jim Robinson
1952 Philadelphia Stars
1953-55 Indianapolis Clowns
1956-58 Kansas City Monarchs

1955, 1956, 1957 All-Star Team.

Purnell Mincy - Frazier Robinson- page 37

Purnell Mincy
Newark Eagles
New York Black Yankees
Philadelphia Stars

1938 tryout for the Pittsburgh Crawfords, signed in 1939 by the Eagles.

None of his opponents ever had a good foothold at the plate when Mincy pitched.

"Biggest thrill was striking out Mules Suttles."

Frazier Robinson - Catcher
Baltimore Grays
Baltimore Elite Giants
Kansas City Monarchs
New York Black Yankees
Chicago American Giants
Abilene Eagles
Odessa Giants (e years in the minor leagues)

Satchel Paige All-Stars 1939

Tony Lloyd - Joe B Scott - page 36

Tony Lloyd
1959 Birmingham Black Barons

Joe B. Scott
Outfield, 1st base
New York Black Yankees
Memphis Red Sox
Pittsburgh Crawfords
Chicago American Giants
Satchel Paige All-stars

"Played against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a 1945 exhibition game in Muncie, Ind. while playing for the Wright Field Kittyhawks, United States Air Corp service team (1944-45)

Vincent Lee - Nap Gulley - page 35

Vincent Lee
Short, 3rd base
1928-29 Ebenezer AME Royals
1930-31 Baltimore Black Sox
1932-33 Miami Giants
1933-36 Denver Monarchs
1937 Kansas City Monarchs
1938-41 Young Black Sox
1942-47 Silver Moons

Napoleon "Nap" Gulley
1941 Kansas City Monarchs
1941, 1946, 1949 Chicago American Giants
1941-42 Birmingham Black Barons
1943-45 Cleveland Buckeyes
1947-48 Newark Eagles

Left handed pitcher, good fastball, "out" pitch was overhand drop curve.....

Willie Lee - Willie Grace - page 34

Willie Lee
1955-59 Kansas City Monarchs

Willie Garce
Cincinnati-Cleveland-Louisville Buckeyes
Houston Eagles
1951 Erie, Middle Atlantic League

"Biggest moment was defeating the Homestead Grays in 4 straight to win the 1945 World Series..."

1945 Series Batting Ave .313
1946 All-star team, had 3 consecutive .300 seasons

At the time of this signing, Willie Grace was blind. He used a template to position his pen.

James Ivory - Toots Farrell - page 33

James Ivory
1957 Detroit Stars
1958-59 Birmingham Black Barons
1959-1962 Mexican Leagues
1959 San Francisco Giants spring training

"Hit three home runs against the Memphis Red Sox, in 1958, in one game....1958 MVP."

Leroy "Toots" Farrell
1946-50 Newark Eagles, Baltimore Elite Giants
1950 Chicago Cubs tryout
Played in the Brooklyn Dodgers minor league organization..

1999 Delaware Afro-American Hall of Fame
2000 Delaware Sports Hall of Fame