Saturday, February 25, 2017

2001 Stitches in Time

2001 Fleer Traditions - Stitches in Time.

I was recently introduced to this set by a friend. A 25 card insert sub-set of the 2001 Fleer Traditions cards, dedicated to the Negro Leagues. Parallels include autographs (Banks, Black, Irvin, O'Neil, Radcliffe and Wilson). Mays did not agree to sign any cards. Unsigned cards have appeared on the secondary market with forged signatures
Relics cards - game used bats (Campanella, Doby, Howard) uniform swatch (Mays, Robinson)

uno (1ST) - Henry Kimbro - Baltimore Elite Giants
2ST - Ernie Banks - Kansas City Monarchs
3ST - Cool Papa Bell
4ST - Joe Black - Baltimore Elite Giants
5ST - Roy Campanella - Baltimore Elite Giants
6ST - Ray Dandridge - Newark Eagles
7ST - Leon Day - Newark Eagles
8ST - Larry Doby - Newark Eagles
9ST - Josh Gibson - Homestead Grays
10ST - Elston Howard - Kansas City Monarchs
11ST - Monte Irvin - Newark Eagles
12ST - Buck Leonard - Homestead Grays
13ST - Max Manning - Newark Eagles
14ST - Willie Mays - Birmingham Black Barons
15ST - Buck O'Neil - Kansas City Monarchs
16ST - Satchel paige - Kansas City Monarchs
17ST - Ted Radcliffe - Chicago American Giants
18ST - Jackie Robinson - Kansas City Monarchs
19ST - Bill Perkins - Pittsburgh Crawfords
20ST - Rube Foster - Chicago American Giants
21ST - Judy Johnson - Hilldale Giants
22ST - Oscar charleston - Pittsburgh Crawfords
23ST - Pop Lloyd - Brooklyn Royal Giants
24ST - Artie Wilson - Birmingham Black Barons
25ST - Sam Jethroe - Cleveland Buckeyes

The Henry Kimbro card is unnumbered and believed to be 1ST.
The Cool Papa Bell card was originally believed not to exist, however some cards have been found on the secondary market after Fleer ceased operations.

Thanks Greg