Sunday, September 11, 2011

Babe Ruth First Day Cover - Negro Leagues

Jimmy Dean "The Original"
Pitcher - (1946-1950)
Philadelphia Stars
NY Black Yankees
NY Cubans

Willie "Curly" Williams
Newark Eagles (1945-1948)
Houston Eagles (1949-1950)
New Orleans Eagles (1951)
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (1949-1951)
Chicago White Sox system (1951-1952)
-Colorado Springs
-Toledo, American Association
-Scranton, Eastern League
Carmen Cardinals, ManDak League (1953)
Lloydminster Meridians, Western Canada League (1955-1960)
Lloydminster Green Caps, Northern Saskatchewan League (1961-1963)

Max Manning "Doctor Cyclops" - Pitcher
Newark Eagles (1938-1948)

Jim Walker
Newark Eagles

Jim Cohen "Fireball" - Pitcher
Indianapolis Clowns (1946-1952)
Venezuela (1948-1949)

Wilmer "Red" Fields - Pitcher, Outfield
Homestead Grays (1939-1950)
Branford, Canadian League (1951, 1953-1955)
Toronto, International league (1952)
Fort Wayne (1956-1957)
Mexico City Reds, Mexican League (1958)
Winter Leagues - Venezuela (1950-1952), Puerto Rico (1947-1951), Colombia (1955-1956), Dominican Republic (1953), Panama, Cuba...

Bill "Ready" Cash - catcher
Philadelphia Stars (1943-1950)
Mexican Pacific League (1950)
Brandon Manitoba, Canadian League (1951)
MLB Minor Leagues (1952-1953)
Satchel paige All-Stars (1946)
Bismarck, North Dakota (1955)

Warren Peace - Pitcher
Newark Eagles 1945-1948

The Jackie Robinson stamps was the issued in , to honor Robinson's contribution to "breaking the color barrier". In 1983 the USPS issued a stamp to honor Babe Ruth, and the stamp was issued in Chicago to coincide withe the 50th anniversary of the All-Star game. I had the privilege of being a part of a group that had the stamps shipped from Chicago on the day of issue, to New York, where our group traveled the area to obtain unofficial first day cancels. Along with some friends, Bob and Billy, we went to the Brooklyn Main Post Office to request hand cancels on several covers. After some time the postmaster agreed to our request and had the covers canceled. I choose to add the Jackie Robinson stamp to the covers since both Ruth and Robinson had worn the Brooklyn Dodgers uniform. Ruth served as a first base coach for the last few months of the 1938 season.

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